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I decided at once that this was the thing, but a kitchen had to be built and a bath room, and sunblinds to be put up--a thousand things. At Basrah one could get nothing--lived on tinned milk sex chat contact baltimore butter for a year, and at last I lived without them because one grew so sick of tinned things.

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At Basrah one could get nothing--lived on tinned milk and butter for a year, and at last I lived without them because one grew so chat of tinned things. I take on everything I can to spare Sir Percy--interview representatives of innumerable creeds, keep an open someone talk to me for tribal sheikhs and messengers from the desert whose business I discover and send up in brief to Sir Percy, and then behind all this there's my real job, hot gathering and sorting of information.

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I got Musa Chalabi to help me and summoned in an old man, a servant whom I've known for ages, and after five days' work I'm in--'tant bien que mal' and it promises very well. Here I have fresh milk and butter and sour curds every day.

Already the new tribal maps and tribe lists are getting into shape, and the first big batch of confidential notes on Bagdad personalities will be issued to Our Political Officers to-morrow--that's not bad going. Still on the whole, in spite of the rush and chqt, it's so deeply interesting that one doesn't bother about a straw more or less.

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