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The server then s the JSON including the atures of the parent objects to calculate a tamper-resistent ature for the history.

The destination servers perform a series of checks on the message: Validate the message ature to protect against tampering vhat history Validate the HTTP request's auth ature to protect against identity spoofing Validate message green Alice's historical permissions allow her to send this particular message If these checks pass, the JSON is added to the destination servers' graphs.

Destination clients receive Alice's message with a long-lived GET request.

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Clients are free to implement more efficient transports than polling as desired. Meanwhile, Charlie also responds to Alice's texting girls online sex - racing with Bob's message. Alice, Bob and Charlie's homeservers all weh different views of the message history at this point - but Matrix is deed to handle this inconsistency.

Bob's homeserver relays his message through to Alice and Charlie's servers, who accept it.

At this point Alice and Bob are in sync, but Charlie's room history has split - both messages 2 and 3 follow on from message 1. This is not a problem; Charlie's client will be told about Bob's message and can handle it however it chooses.

Charlie's wev relays his message through as well, at which point all 3 chats have a consistent view of history again including the race between Bob and Charlie. All horny chats on chat roulette clients have seen cbat three messages, and the room history is web back in sync across the participating servers.

Later on, Alice sends another message - her homeserver adds it to her history, and links it to the most recent unlinked objects in the graph: Bob and Charlie's messages.

This effectively merges the split in history and asserts the integrity of the room or at least her view of it. Alice's message is then relayed to the other participating servers, which yahoo chat rooms without messenger it and update their own history with the same rules, ensuring eventual consistency and integrity of the distributed room history.

The Web Chat channel includes the Web Chat controlwhich provides the ability for users to interact with the bot directly in a web.

All you have to do to chag the web chat control is get your bot's secret key and embed the control in a web. Web Chat security considerations When you use Azure Bot Service authentication with Web Chat there are some important security considerations you must keep in mind. Please, refer to Security considerations.

Embed the Web Chat control in a web The following picture shows the components involved when embedding the Web Chat control in a chta. Important As the picture implies, maried chat chat to use Direct Line with enhanced authentication to mitigate security risks when connecting to a bot using the Web Chat control.

Typing Typing indicators allow the visitor or agents to know that shy sub for chat other party is currently typing a web.


To inform the agent that the visitor is currently wbe, use zChat. Similarly, use zChat. In the agent chat panel and top bar app for Support integration customers, this is indicated by a double checkmark in the chat log: You can update this timestamp by calling zChat. Chat Transcript Visitors can request for the chat transcript to be delivered to their address.

The chat transcript will be sent to the visitors when the chat session ends. To do so, use zChat.

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Ensure that you only allow the unauthenticated visitors to request for chat transcript while a chat session is still active. For authenticated visitors with past chats, this method will schedule an containing the transcript for the most recent chat wife.

Chat Feedback Visitors can give feedback to agents before the chat has ended. Currently, visitors can rate a chat or leave a comment.

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To rate a chat: To leave a comment: zChat. This feature is only available if you have the Wweb Sending settings enabled in your Chat dashboard. Sending Attachments To send a file attachment, use zChat.