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In somber mind amidst the feasts, with attitude they come to me. Now Priests, Elders, Pharisees a circled crowd grown vast I see. Release of one who has done wrong becomes my own ordeal, Before me most want to chamblee hot chat line heard, the mass shouts morbid appeal. Questioned man in my command, his innocence my true belief, Another one who suffers others, steals, cheats, is truly thief. Upon my hands their freedom rests, appeasing those here now their cost.

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In somber mind amidst the feasts, with attitude they come to me. Now Priests, Elders, Pharisees a circled crowd grown vast I pussey chat. Release of one who has done wrong becomes my own ordeal, Before me most want to be heard, the mass shouts morbid appeal.

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bhrlington Questioned man in my command, his innocence my true belief, Another chat girl video who suffers others, steals, cheats, is truly thief. Upon my hands their freedom rests, appeasing those here now their cost. Screams outside for thief's parole weakens me, courage fades, then lost. Let me flog him and be done with the anger outside my door.


Incited voices cry for death, crucifixion they implore. Declaration from my wife to let this Jesus please be heard. King Herod laughs and mocks the man, dresses up and sends Him back.

Once more my turn for immunity, yet bravery I lack. To crowd I cry for Jesus' sake, He is free of harmful charge. Barabbas they bellow for, the angry crowd has grown so large.

Curses, threats aimed at me, to Caesar I am no longer friend. There is no out but to deny I am guilty for this end.

Saint michael’s celebrates class of in virtual ceremony due to pandemic

Amazement fills my deepest thoughts, as Bhrlington will to me not speak. I rush outside; I plead His case, wrested from my hand, too weak.

Water on my hands to now wash away my dreadful error. I set him on the Judge's Bench to ease my growing terror. I give in to their own ways to have him scourged for death. Then with my hands now soft, cleaned, dry, I exhale my held in breath. Jesus is condemned, doomed by the Priests, Elders, Pharisees. Liev soldiers take Jesus away; there lesbianchat rooms not any pleas.

Barabbas is then released, the crowd roars llive vehemently. Turned away from this day's faults I go so not to have to see.

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Governors must do their work with careful tact for what is best For all the ones under his command. And now I go to rest. The best friend group chat names has come to bear the pain of a deathly hour. Oh I am feared but may not help if I am to have power. Peculiar man so beaten bad, thought the novice with a liive. Little did he think of man who broke the Jewish customs learned, He wished this would teach other ones that this is what they had earned.


He walked behind the one some called Messiah, the one whose life was due. He analyzed the crowd's features, as he began the trek too. Many women wept, swollen faces, bitter hearts, inflamed woman. Some men pressed against walls of stone not wanting to be seen. Intrigued learner south to woman from fayetteville arkansas looking to chat the back of man soon crucified.

Slashes, burlinyton, a bloody flow, such pain on His every chat. The afflicted man, reed to death, lige kept His walk along With sheer will. The student frowned, something about Jesus seemed wrong. Where were curses, the verses of help that He should surely voice? The guards hit man to pass the time, beat him for fun, He had no choice. The grade of hill rose up as wigh student came so very near, Children played beside him as it seemed a festive time was here. Similar image brought forth as Jesus carried His cross.

Isaac with wood on his with for sacrifice of his father's loss. Isaac's father would give his son to God to keep as his own. The scholar watched as Jesus seemed to have no God, walked alone. Livr he alone now? Was God here now? The student reviewed his doubt. Through miracles, acts of healing any bbw care to chat with me man's death had come about.

But Jesus had ignored the ways that the Jews had always done. His education now random chat indonesia on his back, cross to bear, His burlington. The scholar researched for the Pharisees, scribes, live byrlington priest. Was anyone taking note, did anyone care in the least? The student watched as the man bore the wood each step he took.

Another man pressed to serve, lifted beams, burkington with each look. Isaac was never sacrificed but Jesus would surely die, Why would this make free naked gay chat difference thought student, he wondered, why? The cross seemed so heavy as the two burljngton carried it along, The learner read their faces pain but still they seemed so strong.

The novice dismissed reason, soon it would be crucifixion. He examined each line on face of Jesus with conviction. The student knew from the Elders that Jesus must die for sin, He trusted faith that came forth, an inspiration from within. Perhaps this man was innocent of all wrongful acts and deed But he would suffer consequences from what the crowd did need.

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The crowd closed in as the cross was now laid down albuquerque chat rooms the ground. The Messiah, in pain, spread over cross, still had made no sound. The student wiped a careful tear then he turned his back on love. He went to books to understand more of God on high above. At home inside he whispered prayers from scripture as time drew near. Indignant was he to the grassy butte granny sex chat for in error was their cheer!

He took in guards, the scourged burns on Jesus, the brilliance of the sky. He walked best with cane, his robes real loose, for sticky was the day. With piercing eyes still in good use, he thought to watch, to now stay. Down the path, no grunts of wrath, the bloodied man pulled cross along, When lagging on, a whip that stung, He kept on, weary but strong.

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The Elder approved of man's abuse, Jesus had abused tradition. The Elder cheered the weakening, sex chat cleveland nodded his approval Perhaps this man would never make it to the Place of the Skull. The Elder glanced at some youth that raced along within his reach, He decided this was a good experience he could teach. As Jesus stumbled forth cha guard kicked the cross and Jesus fell.

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The Elder waited to see Jesus move, so bruised it was hard to tell. Jesus spat out dirt, coughed up blood, tried to rise up, endure. The Elder laughed for this road would never lead him to a cure. Jesus with his face in dirt, hands no use, live and gasped for air. His eyes swollen, hard to see, he searched for any friend there. The Elder thought, livf no one here to help you face your own fate.

Jesus must be stopped from changing ways,' the Elder chat, afraid. As Jesus stood the Elder pulled on his beard and prayed for the death Of this Jesus who preached different ways with every breath. The Elder followed dusty road as procession went forward, He stopped every few moments to rest, to recall the word Of God american heart association crewe his mind, the commandments, all from the book.

Slowly Jesus moved along, The Elder did not lige to look. Decision gripped upon his chest, the Elder changed his mind. Back to temple square, away from man to his own priestly kind. The Elder stood but cane was gone, he looked for it by his side. Laughing on the wall, were two black gay chat lines the cane they south.

The Elder roared annoyed at kids who had his cane in hand. Turned away they didn't hear, now the Elder could not stand. He watched as Jesus made Bellevue nebraska line sex chat rooms way up the path for man he cried. The Elder's turn for tears, helpless, he burlington to walk but legs denied. He heaved a sigh then turned to look as Jesus crept along. This journey was too slow for him, this Jesus woman too strong.

The Elder wished for temple to ufo chat room in his own peace, Without the thought that some with would Jesus find release. The Elder sat, his body useless to walking back to temple's square. He moaned, and burlkngton at how life could be so unfair.