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Come to my room ladies

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And she says his persuasion tactics included threats. Hayek said Weinstein once told her: "I will kill you, don't think I can't. Weinstein "terrified me, and he was so big", she said.

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You're ocme an animal wriggling away, like a lizard. She alleges he implied she had to sleep with him to get a film role, telling her that his wife would have been fine with it.

Zoe Brock media captionModel Zoe Brock tells Radio 4's Today that she was one of Harvey Weinstein's victims The model and dtf chat says he asked for a massage in the south of France in She said: "I didn't know what to do and I felt that letting him maybe touch me a little bit might placate him enough free sexy video chat get me out of there somehow.

He banged on the door with his fists before eventually retreating, putting on a dressing gown and starting to cry.

Louisette Geiss image copyrightCBS News image captionLouisette Geiss holding a press conference on Tuesday The actress and producer says she was attacked by Weinstein free tucson chat dating he invited her to his office in a hotel for a meeting about a script she had written at the Sundance Film Festival in He insisted on listening to her pitch in his hot tub, then asked her to watch him coem, she says - and told her he could green-light her script if she did so.

She left.

Daryl Hannah image copyrightGetty Images The Splash actress says she repeatedly turned down Weinstein's advances during promotion for Kill Bill and its sequel. He tried, she says, to get into her hotel room on multiple occasions, once getting a key and "burst[ing] in like a raging bull. She suffered physical repercussions as her flights ladiess cancelled and she was left stranded after she turned him down on one occasion, she adds.

Rosanna Arquette image copyrightGetty Images The actress says she rejected Weinstein's advances and comr she believes her acting career suffered as a result. She told the New York Times in the early s she was directed hot shopper in mens free dating chat his hotel room, where he was in a bathrobe and asked her for a massage.

When she refused she says he grabbed her hand and pulled it toward his crotch. More voices Model Ambra Battilana Gutierrez has said she was groped by Weinstein and later went to New York police insaying the producer assaulted her.

She then met Weinstein wearing a hidden microphone. But prosecutors took no action.

Other women who have come forward since then with their stories include French actresses Florence DarelJudith Godreche and Emma de Caunes. TV anchor Lauren Sivan alleges Weinstein cornered her in an empty basement area of a New York restaurant in and masturbated in front of her. And other workers at the Weinstein film company told the New Yorker about their experiences, including Emily Nestor, who was a temporary front desk assistant who 1st avenue chat she had had to refuse his advances "at least a dozen times".

Actress Claire Forlani has said "nothing happened" between her and Weinstein - but only because she "escaped five times". In an interview with Canadian TV, actress Lauren Holly said the producer approached her naked and requested a massage, at coje point she "pushed him and ran".

Zelda Perkins, a British former assistant of Harvey Weinstein, says she reed after a colleague lqdies him of trying to rape her. My brothers would try to catch me eating in order to embarrass me. There should be more conversations and it's up to our generation to make that change," she says.

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