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Justice for health" invites us to reflect on the importance of justice in ensuring positive health outcomes for all people, and in particular, for the most vulnerable among us. It also reminds us that for many people affected by drug use and drug trafficking, justice remains elusive - whether due online sex chat one on one extrajudicial reprisals, disproportionate criminal justice responses, impediments to treatment and social reintegration or the legal and societal stigma which continues to be associated with drug use and dependence.

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These drugs, whether committed by Free adult chat no sign up actors, or condoned or encouraged by them, constitute egregious violations of human rights and of the drug control conventions which require legal responses to drug-related board. Accordingly, the Board has condemned extrajudicial acts of violence committed against persons suspected of drug-related activities and has called for these acts to be investigated and prosecuted.

In the face of over-incarceration for drug-related offences of a lesser gravity, including those committed by people who use drugs, the Board has reminded States of the message set forth in the drug control conventions to apply alternative measures to conviction or punishment and of the need to ensure respect for the principle of proportionality in the determination of penalties.

It remains a great cause of concern for the Board that these provisions continue to be underutilised by States and the Board is committed to continuing its measage to encourage their greater implementation. A web-based survey on mephedrone. Drug and Alcohol Dependence, Methoxetamine: a novel ketamine analog and growing health-care concern.

Drug and Alcohol Dependence, Methoxetamine: a novel ketamine analog and growing health-care concern. Clinical Toxicology, 49,