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Author: William Mcdonald I woke up to my phone ringing it was Leon hello?

Age: 52
Relationship Status: Actively looking
Seeking: Wanting to Vip Nsa
City: Enka, Malakoff, Flasher, Kenosha County
Hair: Long
Relation Type: Seeking A Black Lady For Fun

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Author: William Mcdonald I woke up to my phone ringing it was Leon hello?

I muttered as i just woke up. Leon asked if i wanted to hang out so i said yes. We where hanging out servicee his we were all alone i poped out for a quick smoke when i got a text "feelin abit horny" i just laughed, we where l at house partys having free chat line in warrenton with any girls we wanted to.

I went in his house as the door locked behind me servic took my shoes off and went up stairs not adult chat line kearney to see what i saw. As i pushed his door open there he was in bed under his duvet naked that was no shock he always was but i could tell this was like no over time i could feel it.

I sat at the bottom of the bed, Leon pulled the duvet off his body to reveal a big fat cock. I was fealing serbice. I thought to mh self he must be joking i bet if i went along with it he will chicken out so i said ok.

As i moved towards him n opened my mouth i moved my head slowly towards his cock waiting for him to panic and pull away. But he grabbed my head and stuck his cock in my mouth, it felt great i just kept going bay he grabbed my head and want an african american kisbey, saskatchewan it up and down so fast i accidentally bit him but didn't stop.

After a while i stopped sucking and started playing with it i said tell me when your coming i didnt want it in my eye. A door has opend and i lost the key so im sure there will be many storys like this if not better. s : 1 [ 23 reviews or rate or check all William Mcdonald stories.