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Have sexchat free let s travel

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It is Tuesday. Hey everybody and we are here to talk to you. We're here and we're here to talk to yravel. I'm Johnny from the Glam program. I'm Reggie from The Glam program and we have a special guest here tonight all the way from about 50 feet down the Hall, not even.

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It is Tuesday.

Hey everybody and we are here to talk to you. We're here and we're here to talk to you.

I'm Johnny from the Glam program. I'm Reggie from The Glam program have we have a special guest here tonight all the way from about 50 feet down the Hall, not even. From the States facing Islands program, Yes, Skylar directs our seats into balance program. We can chat a little bit about that. First off? Thank you for being with us here. Thank you. Thank you today. We're gonna be talking all about apps specifically. Are you pretty free chat with russian girls with any dating apps?

Reggie Are you out there? I knew those heard of yave or five okay. I have a two. I chat publico gratis to take my profiles occasionally let. I'm very curious sexchat hear about what you all are using out free. We're also gonna talk a little bit about some of the popular ones. I see comment has ed.

A yes. Finally, our expert on grinder is here. Before we get started, why don't we talk a little bit about some of the stuff that's out there. So we're gonna travel a little game. Lesbians chat free gonna test your knowledge. You have me for this.

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I know Spence original that is gonna show you a logo and you're gonna have tgavel tell us what app it is okay and you can handle this. I think so let's go let's get started. Okay, I have to be able to see a Tinder Tinder. Oh, okay audience.

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What say though you know, I think it Oh, I guess it is sell chat ib way. It's like a flame and tender go way back. This is tender. So next next. Ooh Look at that one comes with even is this. It looks like a rabbit, a habe you're getting rabbit vibes.

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That's probably getting rabbit meat. I'm getting croissant vibes but.

And I love swear. We have an answer on Instagram. So what is coming? Trevor is guessing Hornet.

Yes, some subtle shade. I don't even know what is it.

We have to go tomorrow to find out well. We can talk all about it tomorrow, but does anyone here use it cuz I haven't actually used it. I can't say that I have, but it's like an up and coming app. Gaining and I don't know if it's specifically for the queer community. I hear full of knowledge. Let me run a professional. So who are you? Why are you here?

I'm Taylor. Hornet is specifically chat alternative gay gay havr gay identified the community members and sometimes pronounced poor net. In the most reclaims terms, so it's bigger and other areas that's not very big here in Vermont, but we can get that started. So we've got all the dad jokes.

I don't know, okay moving so that's something that we'll be talking about. The next one. Louder second people gonna go let's see if we get any guesses from the people at the post giveaway. Okay, now the cats out of the bag. Oh, that's fine. We have a couple more moving directly This is a good one. What do we think this Sunday?

Christian mingle? What is it That way? Plenty of fish look like.

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Different logo Orange doesn't say POF so plenty of fish was really hot a few years ago. I don't think they allow us on their actually okay. I've been coming. God like that, see you like when you put it sideways.

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It's like a little like oh looks like this. It's not an ass did really well for those who may have sissy humiliation chat the intro and are ing us live class for people who are just just coming in. We're doing some app jeopardy. So these are logos updating apps and we're trying to guess what they are.

Ahve a squiggly line with a circle and there it looks kinda like it might be related to George or oral or all the above on a River Bend. I have no idea Okay. This is an orange app is what you think of announcing any guesses out there, which is I mean this is a really I frre yeah. That's on Instagram.

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It's sniffy is sticking with us. I think would be talked about this isn't another logo. It's not professional. That is not that popular here, but there's like 10 people on it. It's not 10 people like when I ed on last night, but check it out.

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It's literally called sniffles to the first Pacific Democratic like it's for I think it's just for people who don't wanna put it is really like anonymous. So it's like nobody on the app, especially in this area has their face picture on it and I pretty sure most of them are like married like syracuse sluts free chat guy.

As well, which is so if you're into that sniffy is for you, but also that's all I've seen on there, but it might be four more people. That's sniffing is a mystery.

It sounds like okay and we did look at the other day and some people have like their dick pics as a program. Yeah, That's the beauty of Sniffy. Oh what else do we have here? But certainly not least I heard of it. I don't know d people watching us. Maybe my face is familiar grinder. I can just call that one you're right. You cougar chat room it.

I wasn't eating score, but I think you are really good. You got llet a deeply. I got Christian mingle so that was the one I thought I was gonna trip you up there, but yeah he left.