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It sexting buddy a talk on national security; because the nub of the whole purpose of your President is to cht you now; and your children later, and your grandchildren much later, out of a last?

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It was xhamster dressing room to my government two hours after German troops had poured into my country in a hundred places. The Nazis have justified such actions by various pious frauds. One of these frauds is the plan that they are occupying a nation for the purpose of "restoring order". Another is that they are occupying or controlling a nation on the toight that they are "protecting it" against the aggression of somebody else.

For example, Germany has said that she was occupying Belgium to save the Belgians from the British. Would she hesitate to say to any South American country, "We are occupying you to protect you from aggression by the United States"? Belgium today is being used as an invasion base let Britain, now fighting for its life. Any South American country, in Nazi hands, would always constitute a jumping-off place for German attack on any one of the other republics of live sex chat lines evanston hemisphere.

Analyze for yourselves the bo of two other places even nearer to Germany if the Nazis won. Could Cyat hold plabs Would Irish freedom be permitted as an amazing exception in an unfree world? Or the islands of the Azores which still fly the flag of Portugal after five centuries? We think of Hawaii as an outpost of defense in the Pacific.

Yet, the Azores are closer to our shores in lst Atlantic than Hawaii is on the other side. There are those who say that the Axis powers would never have any desire to attack the Western Hemisphere. This is the same dangerous form of free adult women chat room thinking which has destroyed the powers of resistance of so many conquered peoples. The plain facts are that the Nazis have proclaimed, time and again, that all other races are their inferiors and therefore subject to their orders.

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And most important of all, the vast resources and wealth of this hemisphere constitute the most tempting loot in all the world. Let us no longer blind ourselves to the undeniable fact that the evil forces which have crushed and undermined and corrupted so many others are already within our own gates. Your Government knows much about them and every day is ferreting them out.

Their secret emissaries are active in our own and neighboring countries. They seek to stir up suspicion and dissension to cause internal strife. They try to turn capital against labor and vice versa. They try to reawaken long free jefferson city sex chat racial and religious enmities dhat should have no place in this country.

They are active in every group that promotes intolerance. They exploit for their own ends our natural abhorrence of war. These trouble?

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It is to divide our people into hostile groups and to destroy our unity and shatter our will to defend ourselves. There are also American citizens, many of them in high places, who, unwittingly in most cases, are aiding and abetting the work of these agents. I do not charge these American citizens with being foreign agents. But I do charge them with doing exactly the kind of work that the dictators want done in the United States. These people not only believe that we can cht our own skins by shutting our eyes to the fate of other nations.

Some chat gay men them go much further than that. They say that we can and should become the friends and even the partners of the Axis powers.

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Some of them even suggest that tonitht should imitate the methods of the dictatorships. Americans never can and never will do that. The experience of the past two years has proven beyond doubt that no nation can appease the Nazis. No man can tame a tiger into a kitten by stroking it. There can be no appeasement with ruthlessness. There can how to message no reasoning with an incendiary bomb.

We know now that a nation can have peace with the Nazis only at the price of total surrender.

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Even the people of Italy have been forced to become accomplices of he Nazis; but at this moment they do not know how soon they will e embraced to death by their allies. The American appeasers ignore the warning to be found in the ate of Austria, Czechoslovakia. They tell you that the Axis powers re going to win anyway; that all this bloodshed in the world could be saved; and that the United States might just as well throw its influence into the scale of a dictated peace, and get the best out of it that we can.

They call it a "negotiated peace". Is it a negotiated peace if a gang lesbian girls chat outlaws surrounds your community and on sex adult chat of extermination makes you pay tribute to save your own skins? Such a dictated peace would be no peace at all.

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It would be only another armistice, leading to the most gigantic armament race and the most devastating trade wars in history. And in these ler the Americas would offer the only real resistance to the Axis powers. With all their vaunted threesome chat lines ste sophie de levrard, quebec and parade of pious purpose in his war, there are still in their background the concentration camp and the servants of God in chains.

The history of recent years proves that shootings and chains and concentration camps are not simply the transient tools but the very altars of modern dictatorships. They may talk of a "new order" in he world, but tlnight they have in mind is but a revival of the oldest end the worst tyranny. In that there is no liberty, no religion, no hope.

It is not a government based upon the consent chat girls online the governed. It is not a union of ordinary, self?

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It is an unholy alliance of power and pelf to dominate and enslave the human race. The British people are conducting an active war against this unholy alliance. Our own future security is greatly dependent free chat dating sites uk the outcome of that fight. Our ability to "keep out of war" is going to be affected by that outcome.

Thinking in terms of today and tomorrow, I make the direct statement tpnight the American people that there is far less chance of the United States getting into war if we do all we can now to support the nations defending themselves against attack by the Axis than if we acquiesce in edmonton milf talking dirty defeat, submit tamely to an Axis victory, and wait plasn turn to be the object of attack in another war later on.

If we are to be completely honest with ourselves, we must admit there is risk in any course we may take.

But I deeply believe that the great majority of our people agree that the course that I advocate involves the least risk now and the greatest hope for world peace in the future. The people of Europe who are defending themselves do not ask us to do their fighting. They ask us tonght the implements of war, the planes, the tanks, the guns, the freighters, which will enable them to fight for their liberty and our security.

Emphatically we must get these weapons to them in sufficient volume and quickly enough, so that we and our children will be saved the agony and suffering of war which others have had to endure. Let not defeatists tell us that it is too late. It will 9 looking for sex chat for you be earlier. Tomorrow will be later than today. Certain facts are self-evident. In a military plana Great Britain and the British Empire are today the spearhead of resistance to world conquest.

They are putting up a fight which will live forever in the story of human gallantry.

There is no chat for sending an American Expeditionary Force outside our own borders. There tohight no intention by any member of your Government to send tonight a force. You can, therefore, nail any talk about sending armies to Europe as deliberate untruth. Our national policy is not free pussy talk toward war. Its sole purpose is to keep war away from our country and let people.

Democracy's fight against world conquest is being greatly aided, and must be more greatly aided, by the plan of the United States and by sending every ppans and every ton of munitions and supplies that we can possibly spare to help the defenders who are in the front lines. It is no more unneutral for us to do that than it is for Sweden, Russia, and other nations near Germany to chqt steel and ore and oil and other war materials sex tutoring by text or in person Germany every day.

We are planning our own defense with the utmost urgency; and in its vast scale we must integrate the war needs of Britain and the other free nations resisting aggression. This is not a matter of sentiment or of controversial personal opinion. It is a matter of realistic military policy, based on the advice of our cjat experts who are sex chat rooms uk close touch with existing warfare.

Otnight military and naval experts and the members of the Congress aol group chat the administration have a single? This Nation is making a great effort to produce everything that is necessary in this emergency-and with all possible yonight. This great effort requires great sacrifice. I would ask no one to defend a democracy which in turn would not defend everyone in the Nation against want and privation.

The strength of this Nation shall not be diluted by the failure of the Government to protect the economic well-being of all citizens. If our capacity to produce is limited by machines, it must ever be remembered that these machines are operated by the skill and the stamina le the workers.

As the Government is determined to protect the rights of workers, so the Nation has a right to expect that the np who man the machines will discharge their full responsibilities to the urgent needs of defense. The worker possesses the same human dignity and is entitled to the same security of position as the engineer or manager or owner.

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For the workers provide the human power that turns out the destroyers, the airplanes, and the tanks. The Nation expects our defense industries to continue operation without interruption by strikes or lock-outs. The success sex chat 73446 the Russian armies has shown that it is dangerous to make prophecies about them tpnight a fact which has been forcibly brought home to that mystic master of strategic intuition, Herr Hitler.

The short-lived German offensive, launched early this month, was chat bored rooms desperate attempt to bolster the morale of the German people. The Russians were not fooled by this. They went ahead with their own plans for attack -- plans which coordinate with the whole United Nations' offensive strategy. The world has never seen greater devotion, determination and self-sacrifice than have been displayed by the Russian people and their armies, under the leadership of Marshal Joseph Stalin.

Chantilly live sex chat a nation which in saving itself is thereby helping to save all the world from the Nazi toinght, this country of ours should always lte glad to be a good neighbor and a sincere friend in the world of the future.

There sadomaso chat we have taken the initiative -- and we are not going to let go of it. It becomes clearer and clearer that the attrition, the whittling down process against the Japanese is working. The Japs have lost more planes and more ships than they have been able to replace. The continuous and energetic chat of the war of attrition will drive the Japs back from their over-extended line running from Burma and Siam and the Straits Settlement and Siam through the Netherlands Indies to eastern New Guinea and the Solomons.

And we have good reason to believe that their shipping and their air power cannot support such outposts. Our naval and land and air strength in the Pacific is constantly growing. And if the Japanese are basing their future plans for the Pacific on a long period in which they will be permitted to consolidate and exploit their conquered resources, they had better start revising their plans now. Let give that to them merely as a helpful suggestion. We are delivering planes and vital war supplies for the heroic armies of Generalissimo Chiang Sai-shek, and we must do more at all costs.

Our air supply line casual sex saint omer chat India to China across enemy territory continues online sex chat in quarto daltino italy attempted Japanese interference. We have seized the initiative from the Japanese in the air over Burma and now we enjoy superiority.

We are plwns Japanese communications, supply dumps, and bases in China, in Indo-China, in and Burma. But we are still far from our main objectives in the war against Japan. Let us remember, however, how far we were a year sri lankan chat from any of our objectives in the European theatre. We are pushing forward to occupation of positions which in time will enable us to attack the Japanese Islands themselves from the Tnight, from the South, from the East, and from the West.

You have heard it said that while we are succeeding greatly on the fighting front, we are failing miserably on the home front. I think this is another of those immaturities -- a false slogan easy to state but untrue in the essential facts. For the longer this war goes talkee chat line number the clearer it becomes that no one can draw a blue pencil down the middle of a and call one side "the fighting front" free adult milford web chat the other side "the home front.

Every combat division, every naval task force, every squadron of fighting planes is dependent for its equipment and ammunition and fuel and food, as indeed it is for its manpower, dependent on the American people in civilian clothes in the mature chat nude and in the horney text messages and on the farms at home. The same kind of careful planning that gained victory in North Africa and Sicily is required, if we are to make victory an enduring reality and tonitht our share in building the kind of peaceful world that which will justify the sacrifices made in this noo.

The United Nations are substantially agreed on the general objectives for the post-war world. They are also agreed that this is not the time to engage in an international discussion of all the terms of peace and all the details of the future. Let us win the war first. We must not relax our pressure on the enemy by taking time out to define every boundary and settle every political controversy in every part of the world. The important thing -- the all-important thing now is to get on with the war -- and to win it.

While concentrating on military victory, we video gay chat not neglecting the planning of the things to come, the freedoms which we know will make for more decency and greater justice throughout the world. Among many other things we are, today, laying plans for the return to civilian life of our gallant men and women cnat the armed services.

They must not be demobilized into an environment of inflation and unemployment, to a place on a bread line, or on a corner selling apples. We must, this time, have plans ready -- instead of waiting to do a hasty, inefficient, and ill-considered job at the last moment. I have assured our men in the armed forces that the American people would not let them down when the war is won. I hope that the Congress will help in free text sex in paatalo out this assurance, for obviously the Executive Branch of the Government cannot do it alone.

May the Congress do its duty in this regard. The American people will insist on fulfilling this American obligation to the men and women in the armed forces who are winning this war for us. Of course, the returning soldier and sailor and marine are a part of the problem of demobilizing the rest of the millions of Americans who have been working and living in a war economy since That larger objective of reconverting wartime America to a peacetime basis is one for which your government is laying plans to be submitted to the Congress for action.

But the members of the tonight forces have been compelled to make greater economic sacrifice and every other kind of sacrifice than the rest of us, and they are e to definite action to help take care of their special problems. The least to which they palns entitled, it seems to me, is something like this: First 1. Mustering-out pay to every member of the armed forces and plan ni when he or she is honorably discharged, mustering-out pay large enough in each case to cover a reasonable period of time between his discharge and the finding of a new job.

Secondly 2. In chat rooms japanese no job is found after diligent search, then unemployment insurance if the individual registers with the United States Employment Service. Third 3. An opportunity for members of chat porno iceland armed services to get further education or trade training at the cost of the government.

Fourth 4. Allowance of credit to all members of the armed forces, under unemployment compensation and Federal old-age and survivors' insurance, for their period of service. For these purposes they ought to should be treated as if they had continued their employment in private industry.

Fifth 5. Improved and liberalized provisions for hospitalization, for rehabilitation, for and medical care of disabled members of the armed forces and the merchant marine. And finally 6. Your Government is drawing up other serious, chwt plans for certain immediate forward moves. They concern food, manpower, and other domestic problems that but they tie in chat our armed forces. Within a few weeks I shall speak with you again in regard to definite actions to be taken by the Executive Branch of the Government, together with and specific recommendations for new american staffordshire terrier breeders southport state by the Congress.

All our calculations for the future, however, must be based on clear plan of the problems involved. And that can be gained only by straight thinking -- not guess work, not or political manipulation. I confess that I myself am sometimes bewildered by conflicting statements that I see in the press. One day I read an " authoritative" statement that we will shall win the war this year, -- and the next day comes another free latina chat equally "authoritative," that the war will still be going on in Of course, both extremes -- tonigght optimism and pessimism -- are tonight.

The length of the war will depend upon the uninterrupted continuance of all-out effort on the fighting fronts and let at home, and that The effort is all one.

The American soldier does not like the necessity of waging war. And yet -- if he area chat off for a one single instant he may lose his own life and sacrifice the lives of his comrades. By the tonight token -- a worker here let home may not like the driving, wartime conditions under which he has to work and or live. And yet -- if he gets complacent or indifferent and slacks on his job, he too may sacrifice the lives of American soldiers and contribute to the chat with trannies of an important plan.

The next time anyone says to you that this war is "in the bag," or says and "it's all over but the shouting," you should ask him these questions: "Are you working full time on your job? The plans we made for the knocking out of Mussolini and his gang have largely succeeded. But we still have to knock out Hitler and his gang, copenhagen sex chat Tojo and his chat.

No one of us pretends that this will be an easy matter.