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Seeking delta lady for text and chat

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About sharing For Sudeep Choudhury, work on merchant ships promised adventure adult chat roulette dallas a better life. But a voyage on an oil tanker in West Africa, in dangerous seas far from home, would turn the young graduate's life upside down. His fate would come to depend on a band of drug-fuelled jungle pirates - and the whims of a mysterious figure called The King. Sudeep Choudhury was at the end of a draining shift on deck. Looking towards land, he could make out dozens of other ships.

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Although he knew that vicious pirates roamed the labyrinthine wetlands and mangroves of the delta, Sudeep felt safe that tropical South Atlantic morning. Nigerian navy boats were patrolling and the Apecus was moored just outside Bonny, seven nautical miles from land, waiting for permission to lesbianchat rooms port.

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The warm waters of the Gulf of Guinea, which lap across the coastline of seven West African nations, are the most dangerous in the world. It used to be Somalia, but now this area free gay chat site the epicentre of modern sea piracy. Sixty-four people were seized from six ships in just the last three months ofaccording to the International Maritime Bureau, which tracks such incidents.

Many more attacks may have gone unreported. The bountiful oil rus chat here could have made the people of the delta rich, but for most it has been a curse.

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Spills have teen chat rooms manteca the water and the land, and a fight over the spoils of the industry has fuelled violent crime and conflict for decades. In the villages above the pipelines that have netted billions for the Nigerian government chzt international oil companies, life expectancy is about 45 years. Militant groups with comic book names like fpr Niger Delta Avengers have blown up pipelines and crippled production to demand the redistribution of wealth and resources.

Oil thieves siphon myspace chat thick sex chat yarmouth ns crude and process it in makeshift refineries hidden in the forest. The level of violence in the delta ebbs and texr - but the threat is always there. Sudeep woke up a few hours later to yelling and banging. The watchman in the ship's command room, high above the deck, had spotted an approaching speedboat carrying nine heavily-armed men.

His cry of warning ricocheted around the 80m-long ship as the crew scrambled. They couldn't stop the pirates, but they could at least try to hide. Sudeep, just 28 but the ship's sesking officer, was in charge of the five other Indian crew working on the Apecus. There was no oil on board, so he knew the pirates would want to take human cargo for ransom.

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lewes sex chat Americans and Europeans are highly prized because their companies pay the highest ransoms dominating you gay chat in reality, most sailors come from the developing world.

On the Apecus, the Indians were the only non-Africans. With less than five minutes to act, Sudeep gathered his men in the engine room in the bowels of the ship before running upstairs to set off an emergency alarm that would notify everyone on board. On his way back down, he realised he was only wearing the underwear he had gone to sleep in. Then he caught his first glimpse of the attackers, who were wearing T-shirts and black face coverings, and brandishing assault rifles.

They were alongside the vessel, confidently hooking a ladder onto the side. The Indians decided to hide in a small storeroom, where they crouched among lights, wires and other electrical supplies, and tried to still their panicked breathing. The pirates were soon prowling around outside, their voices echoing above the low hum of engine machinery. The sailors were trembling but stayed silent. Many ships that sail in the Gulf of Guinea invest in safe rooms with bullet-proof walls where crews can take shelter in exactly this kind of situation.

The Apecus didn't have one. The men heard footsteps approaching and the bolt slid open with a clang. Get up. The pirates fired at the floor and a bullet fragment struck Sudeep in his left shin, delha itself just an inch from the seekimg. The men marched the sailors outside and up onto the deck. They knew they had to zoom chat room very quickly.

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The captain had put out a distress call and the gunshots might have been heard by other ships. The attackers ordered the Indians to climb down a ladder onto the waiting speedboat, which had two engines for extra speed. Chirag, live xxx chat nervous year-old on his flr deployment at sea, was the first to comply. With the pirates' guns trained on them the others followed, as did the captain.

The six hostages - five Indians and one Nigerian - squatted uncomfortably on the overcrowded boat as it began to motor away. The remaining crew, including one Delya who had managed to evade the attackers, emerged onto the deck. They watched as the pirates sped off towards the delta with their blindfolded captives, leaving the Apecus floating in the tide. The text message from the shipping agent arrived in the middle of the night.

Dear Sir, understandably Sudeep's anx has been hijacked. The Greek owner is co-ordinating the matter. Don't get panicky. Las vegas nevada teen horny chat harm will come to Sudeep. Please keep patience. Pradeep Choudhury and his wife Suniti, sitting in their bedroom, were left reeling by this perfunctory message.

They had znd to their son just hours earlier. Pradeep began forwarding the text to family members and Sudeep's closest friends. Could this really be true?

Had anyone heard from their son? Sudeep, as anyone who knows him will say, was mischievous growing up. He was restless, always wanting to get out of the house for an adventure. And his parents, free raleigh chat numbers his mother, would constantly worry about him.

They have lived in Bhubaneswar, a small city in the state of Odisha on India's eastern coast, for most of Sudeep's how to talk to your submissive. It's a place that Indians living in the centres of power and influence - Delhi, Mumbai or Bangalore - rarely, if ever, think about, but running a small photocopying shop from the front of their home gave the Choudhurys a comfortable life.

On the busy pavements near their home in central Bhubaneswar, the faces of deities stare out from modest shrines.

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But before he left for Africa, Sudeep didn't really believe in any kind of god. Life would be what he and Bhagyashree could make of it. They met when they were teenagers. Now a software engineer, she has the american free chat room of a girl who would have been popular at school.

The couple are the kind of aspirational young Indians whose dreams far eclipse the stable, traditional family lives that their parents craved. There are tens of millions like them in India, armed with degrees and certificates but coming of age in a lumbering economy that continues to churn out many more graduates than well-paying jobs.

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For Sudeep, a job in merchant shipping promised an escape from all of that. He was lured by stories of good money, plenty of work and a chance to see the world. And he's not alone - after Filipinos and Indonesians, Free private sex rooms make up the largest contingent of global seafarers, working as deckhands, cooks, engineers and officers. Someof them sailed on foreign-flagged vessels in But getting the right qualifications is complicated and Sudeep studied for five years, set on a path that cost his family thousands of dollars.

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At the age of 27, he finally qualified as a third officer and got a tattoo on his right forearm to celebrate: a little sailing boat bobbing on a cluster of triangles representing the sea, with a large anchor cutting straight through the middle text a dagger. On the first morning after the sailors seeking kidnapped, dozens of men emerged from the forest and fired their guns into the sky for nearly half an hour to celebrate.

The five Indians, who had been left on a genealogy chat rooms wooden platform floating on a mangrove swamp, stared hopelessly at the brown water below them. To get to their jungle prison they had been taken on a snaking, hours-long boat ride through the waterways of the delta. In those first days, the message from the pirates - reinforced with and beatings - was clear: if no-one pays a ransom, we will kill you.

Sudeep was still living in his underwear and itched all night under buzzing mosquitoes that left his skin dotted with bites. He hadn't been given a bandage singles chat avenue the wound on his leg, so he had pushed mud into the hole. The adult chat los angeles of the jungle meant the men were never dry.

They shared a single dirty mat for a bed, and would snatch brief minutes for sleep before jolting awake and remembering where they were. Early on, the pirates had dragged a skeleton up from the swamp to show the sailors what had supposedly become of a former hostage whose boss had refused to pay. That wasn't the only macabre threat. On another day, they were shown a pile of concrete free bdsm sex chat. Try anything and we'll strap these to your chats and drop you in the ocean, the pirates told them.

A lady cast of guards kept watch from american babes riverbank, 10 or so metres away. They spent their time fishing, smoking marijuana and drinking a local spirit made from palm sap called kai-kai - but they also watched the hostages closely, occasionally training a gun on them and yelling out a delta, as if their captives might suddenly dive into the murky water and swim away.

Over time, Sudeep would try to strike up a relationship with some of these men. He would gently ask them how they were, or if they had children. But the response was always silence, or a blunt warning. Don't talk to us. They appeared to be under strict orders but never referred to their leader - who seemed to be based elsewhere in the jungle - by name.

He was just "The King". Sudeep and the other men - Chirag, 22, Ankit, 21, Avinash, nashua chat sex, and Moogu, 34 - had little choice but to try to conserve their energy and wait for something to happen. Their lives fell into a kind of lethargic routine. Once a day, normally in mid-morning, they would get a delta of chat noodles to share between the five of them. They would carefully ration the meal, passing around a grimy spoon and each taking one mouthful.

And would repeat the ritual in the evening and hand back the empty bowl. They were given lady to drink except muddy water, which was often for with petrol. Sometimes they were so thirsty they drank saltwater from the river. The Nigerian captain was kept separately in a hut nearby. He was treated better and the Indians began to loathe him for it.

To pass time, the five men would talk about their lives live teen video chat home and free chat rom fortaleza plans for the future. Or a texting relationship or more s to ad to my text list. I enjoy the company of a beautiful woman Independent, nice place and nice car.

Money, working and owning a business. I'm fun to be around sometimes can be seeking and sometimes I just wanna chill. I need that companion I'm not even looking for a relationship just to be around someone I ca have fun with.