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They also delivered a petition with 2, atures demanding that Smith is rehired, paid back wages and issued an apology.

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They also delivered a petition with 2, atures demanding that Smith is rehired, abany back wages bollywood chat issued an apology. About 50 people demonstrated against the firing of Smith, 52, of Albany, on Nov. He was called into a manager's office, interrogated and terminated for "gross misconduct.

He waited about 30 minutes before he turned in the money. They didn't give me any warning.

They just fired me. Worker rights advocates are organizing a Wal-Mart boycott through Jan.

In the Niskayuna incident, a manager at the store, located on State Street in Mansion Square, said Tuesday she could not discuss Walsh's firing. A Wal-Mart spokesman, Aaron Mullinssaid he had no comment.

It was not in an envelope and bore no identification. He stuffed it in his pants pocket.

He went back inside the store, which is adjacent to chat asians women Berkshire Bank branch, and was about to turn akbany the bundle when he heard a commotion. The manager took the money and Walsh heard nothing more.

Trading hours

Two days later, a manager showed him a surveillance tape that was time-stamped and confirmed that roughly 30 minutes elapsed from the time a camera captured Walsh's discovery of the cash and when he turned it in. They sex videos chat me how it happened in a way they wanted it to go," Walsh said. He was told to a statement, but was not given a copy.

He was told to turn in his badge and his employee 10 percent discount card. He was fired for "gross misconduct. It's one-quarter the size of a standard Wal-Mart Supercenter and includes a grocery, pharmacy, deli and bakery.