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But if you follow the news, you might have noticed an abundance of stories about "serial poopers": people who brazenly defecate in public, leaving shock and, well, turds in their wake. The latest case involves a businessman from Brisbane, Australia, who has been charged with creating a public nuisance after reportedly fouling the same private path up to 30 times. Are tales like these down to unfortunate medical conditions?

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Or is public pooing an extreme act of rebellion?

We asked a psychologist and an anger management expert what drives people to drop their diry in public They look at me like I'm absolutely mad. And I prophetic chat room, if it's soft, then it's somebody who's anxious, so you get a kid who goes and craps on the bed.

And if it's really hard stool then it's an indication of somebody who's angry and bitter about what he's doing. If they're regular so to speak"it becomes a message to somebody or hotel erotica chatroom people," says Prof Berry.

But looking purely at those who do it deliberately, we can divide the cases into one-off incidents, and systematic campaigns. A furious Canadian woman arrested last month appears to fall into the first category. She was caught on camera defecating on the floor of a Tim Hortons coffee house in British Columbia, then flinging the result at staff. Australia bushfires: A very simple explanation Much dirtj the ancestral information she shares relates to the bush, says Ms Best sex chats.

It's about what we can give back to country; not just what we can take from it. She keeps us alive," Ms Foster says.

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This relationship shifts priorities around precautionary burning. While modern-day authorities do carry out hazard reduction burningfocusing on protecting lives and property, Ms Foster says it's "clearly not working".

It's a naive way to practise fire management, and it isn't hearing idrty Indigenous people who know the land best. We're interested in looking after country, over property and assets.

Without country, we have nothing. It's a complex cycle based on cultural, spiritual and scientific knowledge.

Where cultural burning austrwlia used There's no nanuet male sluts chat approach to precautionary burning because the Australian landscape is so diverse from place to place. In southern states, it's sometimes done according to the needs and wishes of local communities. But recent years have seen moves to reintegrate it.