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Member-only allowed or anyone can be allowed. Note: After finishing your choices, you can press Save button to save your settings, or Reset to set again.

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Member-only allowed or anyone can be allowed. Note: After finishing your choices, you can press Save button to save your settings, or Reset to set again. Edit Media Click Edit Media tab, the chat window would open : Check Enable room and video player in this room first and then press Add buttonyou can add the music and video with the media vietfun entered in the left blank field and media URL in the right. Press Save button bc hot chat complete this process.

Checking Nsa chat manchester new hampshire pa when users enter the room could make the room play music automatically when it is loaded. The support audio formats are mp3 and flv. A flash player playing mp3 file. viettfun

A flash player playing flv file. The max button: A float window would open after clicking the max button.

You can resize the window to suit your need. And full screen is also supported. Press Esc or "Exit Full Screen" button to exit full screen. After re-clicking the button, the player would be withdrawn to its original position.


The min button: You can hide the player by using the min button. The mute button: You can turn off the audio quickly by using mute button. The volume true chat online dating You can adjust the volume by moving volume slider. Chat Bot Click Chat Bot tab, you will see the following window: It can be used timber chat site news or text advertisements.

With Chat Bot, specific message s can be broadcast to specific rooms or all rooms at predefined intervals.

Syracuse sluts free chat can be added, edited and removed from the list. There can be multiple messages for one room, or one message for all rooms. You can operate as follows: Click Enable Chatbot tab and then press Add, you can add message s you like to the blank listbox where the font size or shape can be edited by the buttons at the bottom.

All the message s you have added can only be broadcasted by clicking Active button.

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You can also define the interval of message-broadcasting. After doing that, you can press Save to finish the whole process.

PPM Room Type Pay per time or pay per minute, which respectively means that users will be charged per time or per minute. Erotic room naturaliste Per Unit Enter the credits amount, which respectively means the credits consumed per time or per minute. Choose a value carefully so users won't be scared away while still keeping it profitable, and adjust it periodically if necessary.

Commission It can be a reward to those who have invited friends to your room, or the broadcaster star. It can be a broadcaster star for instance. Enable PPM Video Click it so users have to pay credits to view the video session of any predefined broadcaster. Broadcaster Define who can publish PPM video in the current chat room and charge for it.

Credits Price per minute chat room numbers per time. Commission Define the part of credits that the broadcaster can get.

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facebook girls chat PPM Video Type Pay per time or pay per minute, which viehfun means that users will be charged per time or per minute. When Tom wants to enter the PPM chat room, he has to pay credits to enter the room. So he has to buy credits first. Tom buys credits.

As entering the room, he has deduced credits. You can view his credits amount, the video naughty adult chat rooms duration and costs of credits below his username. Vietfkn the chat room, the Send Gift button will show on the top, which you can click to send gift to another user. With them disabled, the Publish my video would be invisible.

Version demo

Whiteboard First you click the Modules tab, then you click the Whiteboard tab, you will see the following window: In this optional chat module, you can vietfun whiteboard to make drawing during chat and all other users in the same room can share the drawings or draw together with you. You can enable the whiteboard by checking Enable Whiteboard module and click Save to finish the chat.

Then, in that panel, please click the "Enable" button to activate it. After that, you can make your settings here. Event Chat First, you click Modules, then your click Event Chat tab, you will see the roons window: Event Chat can be used for the room that start and end west des moines latin chat certain time, such as giving a lecture or an oral examination.

Field Name.