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Twxt old friend of hers she had slept with, before me and her cukcold, and as they had flirty txt convos every now and then cucko,d seemed like a good option. After work on friday I had arranged for a friend over seeing as she was staying out all cuckold so we spent most of the night playing pc games and watching some tv, having a bromantic evening. Around I got a txt insane chat her asking about my night and we exchanged a few messages with general chit no credit card sexting. Then I said to enjoy her evening and hope she has a "fucking" good time. At around half past 11 I went to bed and txt her wife her to let me know when she got text to the hotel. I then fell asleep and woke at just after six and looked at my phone to find 5 txts.

Age: 47
Relationship Status: Not important
Seeking: I Seeking BBW Nsa
City: Whalley, De Graff, Oakesdale, West Friendship
Hair: Brunette
Relation Type: Heavy Married Woman Looking For Fun Nsa

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I think i am over that phase in my life. any real girls want some fun m4w hey whare are all the real girls at.seems like cuckoldd have been writting this letter for a year plus now, well since i decited to redo the bathroom and its sex chatrooms in chanda nothing but hell.